Staff Bios

David Minton David Minton (Artistic & Executive Director) has directed, produced, and acted in professional theatre for the last 30 years. Before coming to Takoma Park, David produced and managed off-Broadway theatre in New York. Before New York he directed the Addison Centre Theatre in Dallas, Texas, and led the development of its new state-of-the-art facility called by Theatre Crafts magazine “a Theatre for the 21st Century.”  He has an M.A. in English Literature and an MBA in policy and planning. Besides directing, David instructs stage combat rehearsals and is a playwright. He joined Lumina as Co-Director in 2000.
Julie Reiner Julie Reiner(Managing Director) has been involved in some aspect of theatre for 35 years, beginning with back stage and production work at the University of Maryland’s Tawes Theatre, and then moving on to co-found The Children’s Chorus of Silver Spring and the Sogo African Rhythm Ensemble. Her performances with Sogo took her from Busch Gardens, Virginia to Ottawa, Canada. Ms. Reiner studied theatre and business at Montgomery College and the University of Maryland and has a degree in Business Administration.
Wendy R. Eck Wendy R. Eck(Costume Designer and Maker) has worked with Lumina for over 10 years, first as a volunteer, then as apprentice to the Director and Costumer, Jillian Raye.  Wendy became Designer and Costumer in late 2006 and has now desgined more than 50 shows. Wendy has always spent much of her free time designing and sewing clothes, as well as craftwork, for herself, family and various craft shows and small businesses.
Jillian Jillian Raye (Founder and Guiding Light) established Lumina Studio Theatre in New York in 1995. Jillian was a graduate of the Victorian Ballet Guild Theatre School and the Harkness Conservatory of Drama in Australia and held a Bachelor’s Degree in theatre from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her studies of Rudolf Steiner’s speech and drama techniques are the foundation of Lumina’s directing and coaching process.Jillian’s professional career includes acting with the major theatres in Dallas, Texas; dancing and choreographing numerous professional productions in Australia, Dallas and New York.In addition to Lumina Studio Theatre, Jillian also worked with young actors when directing for Cabbages and Kings Children’s Theatre and the Addison Center Theatre in Texas and the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan, New York.

Since bringing Lumina Studio Theatre to Takoma Park, Maryland in 1997, Jillian has worked with more than 400 young actors and directed over 75 productions.

Jillian was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Jillian directed and choreographed productions and mentored Lumina’s young actors until her death in November 2008. Jillian’s spirit and vision continue to guide the organization.