Rehearsal Group Descriptions

All techniques demonstrated and practiced in rehearsal sessions are related to and used during the final production of classical plays and original works.

The Players (Ages 8-11)

Lumina’s youngest actors begin their exciting theatre experience as Players. They work with speech creatively, learn to develop basic characters, and practice the fundamentals of acting. Actors develop their verbal fluency in classic theatre using the techniques developed by Rudolph Steiner, and are given instruction in verbal and physical theatre styles and techniques. All Players have speaking roles in the production and are expected to memorize and practice lines and execute basic stage directions.

The Classics (Ages 11+, by Invitation)

This rehearsal group continues to hone their acting skills and deepen their knowledge of dramatic literature and techniques for creating natural and stylized characters. Working with more challenging roles, the actors continue to work with vocal techniques for presentation. Young actors are introduced to verse technique, imagery, and text analysis as a way of creating vibrant and expressive characters for the production.

The Guild (by Invitation)

Guild actors learn and practice advanced Steiner and Linklater speech techniques. In addition, basic Chehkov methods for building character through physicalization are introduced. To be invited into the Guild, an actor must have participated in a minimum of four major Lumina productions and be at least 13 years of age. Each member of this select group of actors has demonstrated exceptional dedication and ability in performing, and a desire to expand his or her acting talents and explore the directorial side of theatre. The Guild requires a two session commitment (i.e., Spring and Fall).

The Ensemble (by Invitation)

 Ensemble actors perform Staged Readings of modern 20th century playwrights (such as Jean Giraudoux, Christopher Fry, Caryl Churchill, Samuel Beckett, Karen Hartman, and Lumina’s own playwright, David Minton) and original premiere works. Within rehearsals, the actors also discuss and practice audition techniques and develop their own head shots and acting resumes. The Ensemble requires a full season commitment (i.e., two sessions) and culminates with a full production in the Spring.

The Lumina Studio Group (Intergenerational)

 This Group offers adult actors the opportunity to act in full length adaptations such as The Hound of the Baskervilles, What Ho, Jeeves! and short one-act plays such as Trifles by Susan Glaspell or The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. Lumina’s young actors participate as the production allows. Rehearsals for The Studio Group begin in November and performances are at the end of January.

The Raye Players

The Raye Players is comprised of Lumina alumni who wish to continue to hone their acting skills and stay connected to their Lumina roots.  Each summer they produce a show with alumni actors, production crew and director.  Established in 2013, the Raye Players’ debuted with The Lion in Winter and followed up in 2014 with Loot.  In consultation with Lumina’s Artistic Director and Production Manager the play is selected in the Fall, and rehearsals begin in June.