“Shogun Caesar was a knockout triumph in every respect…. This theatre company is a community treasure and is deserving of national attention and recognition.”
Jamie Raskin, Maryland State Senator

“I had the pleasure of attending Lumina Studio Theatre’s splendid production of Cymbeline.  I was extremely impressed with the great work that Lumina got out of the students.  Not only did they know exactly what they were saying at every moment, they were also very clear on their characters, relationships, and the whole story. The young Lumina actors took very challenging Shakespeare and really owned it. They were poised, confident, and well-directed.  Not only that, but they were having a great time!  Congratulations, Lumina, for pulling off a near-miracle: getting kids to put on a Shakespeare play at a high level at such a young age.  Keep up the great work!”
Nick Newlin, The Nicolo Whimsey Show

“…all those life skills you need to be a responsible, competent adult my son learned and is learning at Lumina.”
Brian Monsell, Actor and Parent

“Nora has grown so much through Lumina, and we recognize the important work you do in teaching them responsibility to themselves and others. Frank and I have often said to each other how lucky we are to have Lumina in their lives.”
Ellen Blackler and Frank McNally, Parents

 “Thanks again for another wonderful Lumina experience. This one was especially rewarding; I think both Ethan and Dylan pulled out something special. There is nothing more wonderful than being pleasantly surprised by one’s children – thank you for helping to make that possible.
Louise Reynolds, Alumnus Parent

 “We marvel at yet another production & your creativity & dedication to the art – and our kids! Lauren continues to love Lumina – you two are a gift to our community.”
Joan Duncan and Chas Poor, Alumnus Parents

 “Another spectacular production! Thank you for all the work you’ve given me – for stretching my musical wings and providing my musicians a magical use of their music! Always a great honor and pleasure to work with you.”
Karen Ashbrook, Musician

 “We view Renée’s involvement with Lumina to be an integral part of her overall education. By highlighting essential life skills such as, commitment, perseverance, and a willingness to try new things, you have taught Renée many valuable lessons that will help her succeed in high school and beyond into her adult years.”
Suzanne Hubbard, Parent and Scenic Artist

 “Thank you for your teaching, artistry and loving spirit!
Renée Luker, Parent

 “At this point in my life, I can surely say that 90% of everything that I know about anything has come from Lumina and 99.9% of everything that I know about theatre has come from my time with Lumina. Lumina has made me who I am.”
Isabel Thompson, Actor

“Through Lumina, I gave part of myself to each of these characters, and in return they gave themselves to me and shaped the person I am today.”
Adelaide Waldrop, Actor

 “Then came Shogun Caesar where I improved in my sword fighting skills on samurai swords, adding to the growing number of fighting styles David has been teaching in stage combat. I have acquired lots and lots of skills as an actor and a person and will forever remember all that Jillian and David have taught me.”
Jonah Bregstone, Actor

 “I was really amazed that these were young actors! I couldn’t believe how well they handled the amount of and complexity of the lines and of the content….What a celebration of talent, of motivation and seriousness of purpose. We hear quite a bit these days about kids who are glued to TVs and video games, struggling with ADHD and anti-depressants or who are not goal-oriented, but here is a stellar example of 40 young actors (with lead roles played by 14 year-olds), who have risen to extraordinary heights and who should be mentoring all those other kids. What an inspiration!”
Joanne Rasi, Library of Congress

 (Shogun Caesar)…Incredible…One of the most stirring performances I have seen in a long time…Fabulous”
Susan Jenkins, Executive Director Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County

 “They really gave us a gift as young kids in taking us seriously and asking us to behave professionally. In exchange, we got to be on a real stage with real costumes and acting classical material.”
Lizzie Albert, Alumnus (NYU Tisch School of the Arts)

 “Lumina is a village.  Youngsters, parents and community members come together to enjoy theater, classic literature and have fun.  Friendships are forged, horizons are opened and abilities are stretched in this loving and encouraging setting.  I wouldn’t miss watching the kids transform their characters in each production from the first read to final performance.  Likewise it is inspiring to watch the young actors develop as people who can be counted on for persistence, effort and reliability as well as entertainment!”
Cassie Gabriel, Actor & Supporter

“Working with the young actors at Lumina has simply been one of the most stimulating experiences of my theatrical life. It’s a privilege to rehearse and perform alongside such an extraordinary pool of enthusiasm, commitment, imagination, professionalism and burgeoning talent.”
John O’Connor, Author and Shakespearean Scholar

“For almost ten years, I‘ve had the unique privilege and experience of performing as an adult actor with both the Theatre Group and the Youth. The talent and energy of Lumina’s actors, the brilliance of Jillian’s and David’s staging concepts, the professionalism they instill in every member of the cast, and the bond that forms from joining together with people of all ages to perform the great works of Shakespeare have given me some of those rare moments of pure joy in life.”
Andy Penn, Actor & Supporter

A kid in our lobby said that Lumina is “the bomb.” And I’m told by translators that’s a good thing. Here’s what I know: Lumina is fun and unique and ambitious and successful. They introduce young people to the joy and discipline of professional theatre in a dynamic, creative setting.
Blake Robison, Artistic Director, Round House Theatre

Lumina is a first class organization. Pyramid Atlantic has worked with Lumina on several occasions and it is always artistically fulfilling and energizing to work with such a talented group of actors, directors and designers.
Jose Dominguez, Executive Director, Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center